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Infineon's new DC-DC POL voltage regulator


With the implementation of AIGC products such as large models, the demand for AI servers is rapidly increasing, requiring higher power density to achieve a balance between high performance and low power consumption in limited space. Two or three years ago, the acceleration cards in data centers were mostly PCIe cards, mainly used for inference operations; However, in the past one or two years, with the explosion of AI, large model training tasks have become mainstream, and the shipment volume of OAM cards has skyrocketed. The size of Nvidia OAM cards is less than half an A4 paper, but the power can reach 700W or even higher, which requires an exponential increase in power density, and the power IC supports this power density.

Infineon has always had outstanding performance in the power field. According to Dong Weiwei, the Application Management Manager of the Power and Sensing Systems Business Unit of Infineon Technology in Greater China, Infineon Power IC mainly performs in the following four aspects in supporting the growth of power density:

Firstly, with intergenerational evolution, Power products will move towards silicon carbide and gallium nitride technologies in the future, and PSU now has products in this area.

Secondly, Infineon has advanced packaging technology, which is now also applied to Infineon's latest generation of products. In addition, Infineon will make some integrated inductor products in the future, which can further reduce the chip area and bring greater power density.

Thirdly, Infineon has a system level architecture. Not only from 12V power supply to GPU, the future architecture will also reach 48V, and Infineon has its own 48V solution. In addition, Infineon is currently working on products related to vertical power supply.

Fourthly, in addition to power supply products, all products support Infineon's push towards digitalization and low-carbon power supply in data centers, such as power protection.

Power plays an important role in the performance of AI chips

According to statistics, the amount of DC-DC used on a GPU board will exceed 60 semiconductor DC-DC products, which is 1.5 times that of a server CPU board. In addition to DC-DC that integrates controllers and MOSFETs, there are also traditional digital controllers and Power Stage, which not only occupy a large board area but also have a significant impact on efficiency and the performance of the main chip. The surrounding power supply is crucial for AI chips to achieve higher efficiency.

In response to a series of challenges, Infineon recently launched a new intelligent DC-DC POL chip TDA388xx series product, which integrates Infineon's unique OptiMOS MOSFET and Fast COT

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