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About Us

Suzhou Miaokai Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in electronic product design, solution development, and component agency sales. Its products are applied in industries such as communication, computers, home appliances, lighting, photovoltaics, automobiles, power supplies, security, industrial control, and healthcare. The products sold include MCU microcontroller, MOS field-effect transistor, silicon carbide transistor, gallium nitride transistor, power chip, lighting chip, logic chip, operational amplifier chip, varistor, fuse, etc.

The company continuously improves its development, sales, logistics, and service network to provide customers with fast, convenient, stable, and efficient services. The company always adheres to the customer-centric and people-oriented business philosophy. With innovation, practicality, integrity, and as the corporate spirit.

We sincerely hope to work hand in hand with you and create brilliance together! Our ultimate goal is to achieve mutual benefit.

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+86 18136969561