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DC-DC step-up and step-down power supply


DC-DC converter refers to a device that changes the electric energy of one voltage value into the electric energy of another voltage value in a DC circuit.

DC-DC is a newly developed miniaturized power switch module, which is composed of small surface mounted integrated circuits and micro electronic components by microelectronic technology. The use of DC-DC power supply module is conducive to simplifying the design of power supply circuit, shortening the development cycle, achieving the best indicators, etc., and can be widely used in various digital instruments and intelligent instruments.

DC-DC power module is widely used in power electronics, military industry, scientific research, industrial control equipment, communication equipment, instrumentation, switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communication, routers and other communication fields and industrial control, automotive electronics, aerospace and other fields. Because of the characteristics of short design cycle, high reliability and easy system upgrade, the application of power module is more and more extensive. Especially in recent years, due to the rapid development of data services and the continuous promotion of distributed power supply system, the increase of power module has exceeded the primary power supply. With the extensive use of semiconductor technology, packaging technology and high-frequency soft switching, the power density of power supply module is increasing, the conversion efficiency is getting higher and higher, and the application is becoming simpler and simpler.



1. Noise isolation: (analog circuit is isolated from digital circuit, and strong and weak signals are isolated)

2. Safety isolation: strong current and weak current isolation IGBT isolation drive surge isolation protection lightning isolation protection (such as isolation protection of medical electronic equipment contacted by human body).

3. Elimination of grounding loop: remote signal transmission distributed power supply system.

Voltage transformation

Boost conversion buck conversion AC/DC conversion (AC/DC, DC/AC) polarity conversion (positive and negative polarity conversion, single power supply and positive and negative power supply conversion, single power supply and multi-power supply conversion)


Short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and other protection.

reduce the noise

Adopt active filtering

voltage regulation

AC mains power supply remote DC power supply distributed power supply system battery power supply

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