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Charging scheme of lithium battery for small household appliances 4054/4056


4054/4056 is a constant current/constant voltage linear charger with excellent performance for single lithium ion battery. Less peripheral components make it very suitable for portable products, and it is suitable for supplying power to USB power supply and adapter power supply. Based on the special internal MOSFET architecture and anti-reverse charging circuit, external detection resistor and isolation diode are not needed. When the external environment temperature is too high or in high-power application, thermal feedback can adjust the charging current to reduce the chip temperature. The charging voltage is fixed at 4.2V, and the charging current can be set externally through a resistor. When the charging current drops to 1/10 of the set value after reaching the final floating charge voltage, the chip will terminate the charging cycle. When the input voltage is disconnected, the 405X goes to sleep, and the battery leakage current will drop below 1uA. 405X can be set in shutdown mode, at which time the static current of the chip drops to 35uA. The 4056X also includes other features: battery temperature monitoring, under-voltage locking, automatic recharging and two status pins to indicate charging and charging termination.

◆ Programmable charging current is 500/1000mA ◆ No external MOSFET, detection resistor and isolation diode are needed ◆ A complete linear charger with ESOP8 package for single lithium battery ◆ Constant current/constant voltage operation, and it has thermal adjustment function to maximize the charging rate without overheating danger. ◆ Pre-charge voltage of 4.2V with accuracy of 1% ◆ Output of charging current monitor for battery charge detection ◆ Automatic recharging ◆ Dual output of charging status, no battery and fault status display ◆C/10 charging termination ◆ Static current in standby mode is 35uA ◆2.9V trickle charging ◆ Battery temperature monitoring ◆ Soft start limiting surge current ◆BAT input anti-reverse protection ◆ 0V activation.


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